Antidetect 7.1 Crack + 371 Configs

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Antidetect – The world’s most secure browser.

What does the idea of a secure browser mean at the moment ? The world is now more complex than it was 5 years ago. IP Address and the HTTP Cookies as identity things now are useless. Different researchers and developers (and of course government privacy invaders from NSA thx Snowden 🙂 began to inventing very hard methods of user tracking, based on your browser features. Javascript Window Object (and especially window.navigator object) disclose a lot of sensitive information about your browser: User-Agent, Language, TimeZone, Plugins. Sites can draw device specific image that 100% will identify you as unique user, with WebRTC and HTML5 Canvas technologies. If you think they will use results to show user-oriented ads next time – exit please this website. Fantastic things like audiofingerprint ? No problem, they have it. So, what to do with all of these ?

We are the team of experienced developers, we’ve researched most of commercial protection systems. What does that means ? Our knowledges based not only on
visiting such web-sites like “whatisyouripaddress” or “iwanttoknowmyuseragent”. We know a lot of hardly obfuscated javascript files, sending encrypted POST requests from your browser right to fingeprinting servers. We have experience in defense development and know a lot of ways to bypass security. Of course (for sure! :P) our software is not a magic stick. It is only a useful tool for your security experiments and javascript education.

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